BoxFit Class

This is our staple class here at TKO BOXFIT. This class is a perfect blend of fitness and learning of the “sweet science” of boxing. Our instructors will push you to throw combinations, slip punches, learn proper footwork all while incorporating intervals of calisthenics during the class. You will leave this class feeling motivated, exhausted, and READY FOR MORE.

Boxing Basics Class

This 1/2hr class is conveniently placed before and after cardio boxing classes throughout the week. This is a low intensity class in which the instructor takes time to thoroughly teach the basic fundamental techniques of this great sport. Footwork and proper techniques are the main focus of this class. The attendees can then take what they learn in this class and bring the knowledge with them to our higher intensity cardio boxing class

Kids Class

This class is geared towards kids 7-12 years old.  The goal of the class is to provide a fun environment for kids to get out of the house and get some exercise, all while learning about the sport of boxing.  Throughout the class we will have interval stations for the kids which they will perform a certain exercise or boxing technique at each interval.

Teens Class

This class is geared towards teens 13-15 years old. It’s more of an intense version of the kids class. The workout stations involve tougher exercises and techniques and more is expected of the teens. Our goal is to create a fun enviorment and build confidence into the attendees of the teen class. This class is geared to both high school athletes and non athletes.